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Forum » General Discusion » Randomness » A bit about yourself :)
A bit about yourself :)
Emma-LovingPoniesDate: Monday, 21.December.2009, 8:06 AM | Message # 1
Wannabe rider
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Since we no longer have personal profiles I thought maybe you guys might want to write a little bit about yourself on here.

As we want to keep this a safe site try not to Reveal to much about yourself.

So here is a little bit about me smile
-- I have lived several different places and I moved to Australia when I was 10.
-- I'm currently in my teens
-- Other than horse I enjoy sports, reading and just hanging out with my amazing friends and family.

-- I have been riding since I was 8 although you wouldn't think it :S haha
-- I'm not riding at the moment as I'm looking for a new riding school near me that will help me further my ability and one that does Jumping wink
-- Me and Tara are hoping to get involed in helping out at the local Riding for the disabled next year when they start up again.
-- I am possibly getting a horse next year! I am pretty excited.

Horse Isle:
-- I started playing on Horse Isle in december 2007
-- I am not on as much anymore due to lack of time. sad

Emma -- LP
StormyBoyLoverDate: Monday, 28.December.2009, 9:24 PM | Message # 2
Wannabe rider
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Hello everyone, I know you guys are all jumping at the bit to hear about me so here it goes.

-I am 13 (I think thats okay because its in my profile thingy)
-I live in Wisconsin, USA
-I love to ride horses, read, and play Horse Isle

Horses and Riding
-I have been around horses my whole life
-I have been riding for 9 or 10 years.
-I have 4 horses- Stormy(my evil little pony), Buddy, PJ, and Dragon.
-I ride english
-I started jumping in 4th grade but due to Stormy problems (he can be very very evil) I haven't really advanced in my jumping skills
-I ride Stormy bareback and let me tell you he bucks and rears while I'm bareback and I haven't fallen off him bareback.....................yet.
-I am a full believer in animal communications (we had Stormy read and when the communicator told me what he was saying it sounded just like his personallity)
-I show in horse shows

Horse Isle
-I have been playing HI since early Feb. 2009
-I play and always will play on grey! The best sever in the world
-I got my 100% quest award on Aug. 31 2009 (just about 6 months after starting)
-I have a ranch
-I have the best buddies in the world!

Forum » General Discusion » Randomness » A bit about yourself :)
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