Wednesday, 26.June.2019, 8:41 AM
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This site has been built to help people on horseisle.
Horse Isle is a vast multi-player horse based world. It allows for many players to interact while searching for wild horses roaming the lands. Once you have a horse, you can train it, take care of it, and compete with other players. Although the world graphics are simple 2D, they have been beautifully designed to create an interesting and vast world to explore. This land is completely non-violent. A great place for any aged player to have fun.
Although our site has all of the quests, sandcastle moats, tanagrams, etc, we don't encourage you to race ahead and finish all your quests. Take your time and enjoy HorseIsle the site isn’t going anywhere.
Any Questions?? Email Us at
Site News
Okay, to view the site news you can click on the month name on the calendar on the left of the screen. it will show every update of the site that has be posted for that month. You can view every months.
If you see a number on the calendar that is in bold with a square around it thats an update just click on it and it will show you the site update.