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Daedalus' Wings (250qp) [Novice]

Hoof Isle
When you talk to Daedalus, he will tell you that he is making wings for his friend, but that he has run out of feathers. Then he will ask you to get him 25 small black feathers. When you have them, give them back to him. He will then give you 3k and ask you to get him 20 peacock feathers. Again when you have them return them to him. He will give you 3k for them. The last thing he wants you to get is wax from the Hoof Isle general store. When you get it, bring it back to Daedalus.
You Completed Daedalus' Wings. You earned $5000 and 250 quest points

Dakota's Home Remedy (25qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
When you talk to Dakota, she asks you to get 25 agates for her. When you have them, bring them back to Dakota.
You Completed Dakota's Home Remedy. You earned $500 and 25 quest points

Dalton's Medicine (100qp) [Novice]

Treeton, Horse Isle
Start by talking to Dalton. He will tell you that he is sick and then will ask you to get him medicine from Sasha, the general store owner. When you get to Sasha, tell her what Dalton said. Sasha will give you the medicine if you take a couple of sandwiches to Lar, the blacksmith. So take the sandwiches to him and in return, Lar will give you a charm for Sasha. Take the charm back to Sasha and get the medicine for Dalton.
You Completed Dalton's Medicine. You earned 2 dinosaur bones and 100 quest points

Daria's Mice Trouble (50qp) [Intermediate]

Wiskerton, Cat Isle
When you talk to Daria, she tells you that she has been having mice trouble and she is worried because the cats are supposed to keep them away. Then she asks you if you can talk to the cat pack leader and ask what is going on. The cats are in some part of the Cat Isle forest. When you talk to the leader, he tells you that his kitten is sick and thats why he hasn't been able to take care of the mice.
He will then ask you if you can get some medicine for his kitten from the general store right there on the isle. But when you get to the general store, Percy the owner will tell you that he doesn't have any medicine available and to go to the vets office. When you talk to the vet and get the medicine, take it back to the cat, travel back to Daria and explain what happened.

You Completed Daria's Mice Trouble. You earned 2500 and 50 quest points

Demetrius' Poetry Woes (50qp) [Intermediate]

Rider Isle
To start the quest, talk to Demetrius. He will want you to help him finish his poem. He will ask you 2 questions and you have to answer them. Then, Demetrius will tell you to go and search around the willow tree east of his house. When you search around his house, you will find an elf named Robin. Talk to him and tell him about Demetrius. Then he will help you out and when your done talking to him, return to Demetrius and pick a name for the willow tree.

You Completed Demetrius' Poetry Woes. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points.

Dewey's Lures (25qp) [Novice]

Treeton, Horse Isle
Talk to Dewey to start the quest. He will ask you to take some lures to Davy on Loch Isle. He will send you there and when you give Davy the lures, return to Dewey.

You Completed Dewey's Lures. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points

Dieter's Scavenger Hunt (300qp) [Advanced]

Saddle Isle.
Birds of a ____ flock together: Small Black Feather
Which two berries got beat up: Blueberry and Blackberry
What is a treatment for the doctor: Apple
You cannot use my name in a rhyming poem because nothing rhymes with me: Orange
I am a little green fiddler that plays at night: Grasshopper
My name could be mistaken for a squishy, four-walled box: Mushroom
I am someone that really likes chocolate: Coconut
What does a gingerbread man use when he gets old: Candy Cane
I am a sharply dressed feline, typically in yellow: Dandelion
Don't try to sew with me or I'll go squish: Thimble Berry

You Completed Dieter's Scavenger Hunt. You earned $3500 and 300 quest points.

Dilly the Elf Snow Ball Quest (25qp) [Novice]

Christmas Isle
When you talk to Dilly, he will ask you to bring him 25 snowballs. When you have done that, bring them back to him.
You Completed Dilly the Elf Snow ball Quest. You earned $1000 and 25 quest points

Dixie's Oranges (50qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
Start by talking to Dixie. When you talk to her, she will ask you to get her a crate of oranges from Charla Mae. When you talk to Charla Mae, she will give you the crate to take back to Dixie.

You Completed Dixie's Oranges. You earned $800 and 50 quest points.

Dolly's Handmade Mugs (25qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
When you talk to Dolly, she is the owner of Hotton inn. She tells you that she needs someone to make her new mugs. When you tell her that you can do it, she asks you to go and see Genevieve on Art Isle. When you talk to Genevieve, she tells you that she has them and that they are $600. Tell her you have the money and she will give them to you. Then, take them back to Dolly.

You Completed Dolly's Handmade Mugs. You earned $3000 and 25 quest points

Dominique's Child Tally's Lost Teddy Bear (50qp) [Novice]

Bird Isle
When you talk to Dominique, she tells you that her child has lost her teddy bear and she wants you to find it for her. She tells you that its in the little forest south of her house where Zamora lives. To find it use binoculars.
Then, when you have found it, travel back to Dominique.

You Completed Dominque's Child Tally's Lost teddy Bear. You earned a 4 Leaf Clover, a Topaz, and 50 quest points

Dotti's Scary Noise (25qp) [Novice]

Hare Isle
Start the quest by talking to Dotti, a nature girl walking along the forest edge of the right ear on Hare Isle.
Dotti will tell you that there is a scary noise and that she wants you to figure out what it is. To do this, go all the way north of the forest she is in and keep heading north until you see a small forest with no trees. Look around this small forest spot and you will find Mama Guinea, A Creature of the Forest.
Talk to her and she will want you to get her some acorns in order for her to stop the noises. Then, when you have these acorns, bring them back to her and she will hand you an Amethyst Necklace for your troubles and then, go and tell Dotti that you have solved the problem.

You Completed Dotti's Scary Noise. You Earned $2000, a Balloon Animal, a Gum Drop and 25 quest points.

Duck Sculpture (25qp) [Novice]

Cloud Isle
To start, talk to the Ugly Duckling. He will explain to you how everybody thinks that he is too ugly and will always laugh at him. Then you have to tell him that he isn't ugly. He will want you to prove it by him drawing a portrait of you and you not laughing at him through the whole thing.

If you laugh once you will have to start the quest over.