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Cacti Seeds for Eunice (25qp) [Novice]
Art Isle
When you talk to Eunice, she tells you that she wants to grow cacti, but that she needs the seeds to grow them. To get them, go south of Santon on Desert isle to a cabin. When your in the cabin click search in your tool box to get the seeds. Then once you have them bring them back to Eunice.
You Completed Cacti Seeds For Eunice. You Earned $3000, 25 quest points and a Wishing Coin


Cadee's Grammar Challenge (25qp) [Intermediate]

Tropicton, Jungle Isle

First Question: What does an apostrophe ( ' ) mean, and when is it used?
A: An apostrophe is used when one or more letters has been removed from a word, or when two words have been combined; except for the possessive adjective "its."
Second Question: What is the difference between the suffixes -tion and -tian, or simply -ion and -ian?
A: -Tion and -ion mean a property of; -tian and -ian mean a person or thing who comes from a place.
Third Question: Which of the following sentences is correct:
A: They're putting their shoes right there.
Fourth Question: Which of these sentences is correct:
A: I know now the answer is no.

Fifth Question: How would you say that if you did something in the past, but at a very specific time or under a very specific circumstance; or that you are emphasizing your doing of the action?
A: If I had done that...
Sixth Question: What is the difference between "good" and "well"?
A: "Good" an an adjective which describes what something is; "well" is an adverb describes how something is, or how it's done.
Seventh Question: Which of these sentences is correct:
A: I'm going to Harrod's at two, too.
Eighth Question: What is the difference between "lay" and "lie"?
A: "Lay down" is something you do to something else; "lie down" is something you do yourself.
Ninth Question: Which is the correct usage:
A: I went there once.
Tenth Question: What is the difference between a colon and a semi-colon?
A: A colon is used to bring your attention to whatever follows. A semicolon is a pause before an independent clause.
Extra Credit question: When Juliet asks Romeo, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" what is she asking him, as understood today?
A: She's asking him why he's named Romeo.

You Completed Cadee's Grammar Challenge. You Earned $10,000 and 25 quest points.

Caelin's Horse Breed Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate]

Treeton, Horse Isle

First Question: Where does the Shire originate from?
A: England

Second Question: Which Horse is NOT great for Dressage?
A: Welsh Cob

Third Question: Which Draft horse is from France?
A: Percheron

Fourth Question: The Haflinger was made by Crossing what two breeds?
A: Arabian and Alpine Ponies

Fifth Question: Which horse did NOT originate in England?
A: Akhal-Teke

Sixth Question: Which horse does Cattle Work?
A: Andalusian

Seventh Question: What is the average size of an American Mustang?
A: 14 Hands

Eighth Question: How much can the Llama carry?
A: One quarter of its weight
Ninth Question: What is brio?
A: Spirit

Tenth Question: Why were Shetlands brought over to England?
A: For coal mining

You Completed Caelin's Horse Breed Challenge. You earned $10,000 and 25 quest points

Caeralus' Feathers (50qp) [Novice]

Flower Isle
To start the quest, go to Caeralus in the middle of the Flower Isle Maze. He is wandering around. Caeralus will ask you to find 5 feathers for him.
Once you find the feathers, bring them back to Caeralus. 
The feathers are where the crosses are 

You Completed Caeralus' Feathers. You earned $3000 and 50 quest points

Caeralus' Special Feed (50qp) [Novice]

Flower Isle
When you talk to Caeralus, he will ask you to get him feed from the Wington Feed Store. When you get to the store, talk to Levi and ask him to give you the feed for Caeralus.
Once you have it, bring it back to Caeralus.
You Completed Caeralus' Speacil Feed. You Earned $5000 and 50 quest points.


Candide's Gift (150qp) [Intermediate]

Eldorado Isle
Talk to Candide, he wants to give Sara a gift for giving him all those pies. he want to make her something out of his sheeps wool. He will give you some wool and he will tell you to go to Katinka on Ice Isle.
After she gives you the hand-knitted clothes, you go to Sarah on bone isle.
She will give you a strawberry pie to take back to Candide

You Completed Candide's Gift! You earned $10,000 and 150 quest points.

Candide's Golden Sheep (400qp) [Master]

Quest Imformation Supplied by HorseAddict on Chestnut Server

Eldorado Isle
Talk to Candide in the cabin. He will tell you that his sheep are missing, that they were a gift and that they produce golden wool. Then he will ask you to help him find them. Candide says that they are probably washed up on the beachs of some foreign isles.
The four isles they are on are: Tail Isle, Ardent Isle, Hotzeplotz Isle, and Crescent Isle.
The sheep are wandering around somewhere on those isles and when you go to the isles and find them, they will not come with you back to Candide. Candide then tells you that if you have apple treats, they will follow you back.
He gives you 12 Apples to get you started. Apple treats use 8 apples & 1 horse candy, get the candy at feed stores & craft them on Hare. Apple Treats are craftable.
Once you have crafted all the apple treats, return to the sheep and give them each one, and they will follow you. When you have all four, return them to Candide to finish the quest. You can return them all at once or sheep by sheep. You need to complete Demetrius’s poem quest before he’ll send you to his sister Luna on Crescent.
King Phil wants you to travel to the distant Art Isle, and visit the innkeeper Remy Belleeful and bring back an order of his best bagels and knishes for the sheep,

Phrixia who is at the top of the Isle in back of the 2 palm trees on the water side.
For the Tail Isle sheep; Talk to Galvin on Horseisle he will send you to Quite isle. once on quite isle talk to Rafiki he tells you to ask galvin where he smuggled the sheep to. Galvin tells you to see his sister nina on tail isle. talk to nina on tail isle. look to the left road after you exit Nina's cabin. Then use the magnifying glass on the first part of the main trail. You see some some hoofprints on the road! Looks like whoever made them turned north toward the beach. Then keep going west until you reach the beach (you should run right into a palm tree). Then go north 3 palm trees. Nephele is on Tail she’s on the beach near a tree across & up from Nina’s cabin, on the right side of the tree.
Helle is on Crescent Isle just above the palm tree oval near the beach.
Athamos is on Ardent below the tree south of the boat.

You Completed Candide's Golden Sheep. You Earned $40,000 and 400 quest points.


Cap'n D's Ship Repairs (100qp) [Intermediate]

Vine Isle
To start, talk to Danner, Vine Isle's dockmaster. He will ask you to get him 10 ebony wood and some rope. To get the rope, talk to Esther, she's in a treehouse on the largest Vine Isle. She will tell you to find her 5 vines. Go to the west of her treehouse and use your binoculars next to the trees. Go back when you find 5. She will give you the rope. Return to Danner after you have the rope and ebony wood.
You Completed Cap'n D's Ship Repairs. You earned $4000 and 100 quest points.

Captain Jack's Manifests (300qp) [Novice]

Pirate Isle.
Bring 30 gems of Emarlds and Rubies for each ship, you will only need 3 pearls, but if you don’t have them all, you’ll need more Pearls.
Talk to Captain Jack in the headquarters to start the quest. He wants you to get manifests from the ghost ships. There are only three ghost ships, two in one ‘eye’ and one in the other. Once you get the three manifests, bring them back to Captain Jack.
You Completed Captain Jack's Manifests. You Earned 300 Quest Points.

Captain Solomon's Chests (200qp) [Intermediate]

Pirate Isle
Start the quest by talking to Captain Solomon. She will tell you that she needs you to find her treasure chests. You acan find them by digging around all the broken ship parts on the Pirate Isle Crossbones. When you have found 5 of them, bring them back to Captain Solomon.
You completed Captain Solomon's Chests. You earned 3 Diamonds and 200 Quest points.

Cara's Lost Niece (50qp) [Intermediate]

Bird Isle
When you talk to Cara, she tells you that her niece is gone and she wants you to find her. To find her, go to Iris Petals shop garden right there on the isle. When you get there, talk to her niece and tell her to go back to her Aunt.
You Completed Cara's Lost Niece. You earned $1000, a Gold Chain and 50 quest points

Carly Cobbler's New Home (275qp) [Intermediate]

Cloud Isle
When you talk to Carly, she will tell you that she needs help.
When you ask her what you can do to help her, she asks you to get 25 Moon Beams and 10 Silver Linings and to take them over to Barb Sower in Shellton on Turtle Isle. When you have the supplies and you get to Barb, she will ask you for the Moon Beams, The Silver Linings and also 50 pieces of cotton.
When you have the cotton, bring it back to her and she will hand you the Linens. Then, go back to Carly and give them to her.
When you talk to Carly again, she will ask you to do another thing for her which is to gather up 50 Sparkling Feathers and 50 regular feathers and to take them to Floria. When you bring them to Floria and talk to her, she will tell you that she needs supplies to make pillows.
To get the supplies, go to Rainey in Soaring Meadows for a couple of sacks of Eider Down and Trixie Traderton in Flipperton for a bolt od Cotton Damask. When you get this, take it back to Floria and get the pillows. Then, take them back to Carly.
After that, she will ask you to go to Yepa in Santon on Desert Isle to pick up blankets for her. When you get to Yepa, she will ask you to do her a favor which is to get her leather strappings from Albert on Hoof Isle and willow twigs from the willow trees on Rider Isle. To do this, go to Rider Isle and use your magnifying glass to search around both of the willow trees and when you have six of them, go to Albert and pick up the leather strappings.
When you have all this, go back to Yepa, give everything to her and then go back to Carly.
You Completed Carly Cobbler's New Home! You earned 30,000 and 275 quest points!

Cat Construction Job #1 (75qp) [Novice]

Cat Isle

To start, go to Big Tom in Whiskerton. He's at the area that looks like a tanagram in the town.

He will ask you to get him 30 Ebony Wood. When you get all that, take it back to Big Tom.

You Completed Cat Construction Job #1! You earned $5000 and 75 quest points.


Cat Construction Job #2 (100qp) [Novice]

Cat Isle
He will ask you to get him 100 pieces of cotton so you will have to make 2 trips. After you get 50 cotton, go back to him, then get another 50 and return to him again.

You Completed Cat Construction Job #2! You earned $8000 and 100 quest points.

Cat Construction Job #3 (50qp) [Novice]

Cat Isle
He will ask you to get him 30 feathers, just the regular black ones. When you have those, take them back to him.

You Completed Cat Construction Job #3! You earned $7000 and 50 quest points.

Cedric's Axe (75qp) [Intermediate]

Chillton, Snow Isle
When you talk to Cedric, he explains to you that he lost his Axe and he wants you to find it. To find it , go directly south until you find a big rock that is near the beach. Go south of it and use your rake. You will find only the Axe handle though, so go back to Cedric and tell him. When you do, he will ask you to go and fix it. Then, go to Lars, the blacksmith in Treeton. When you get it fixed, bring it back to Cedric.
You Completed Cedric's Axe. You Earned $5000 and 75 quest points


Cheshire's Grin (25qp) [Intermediate]

Photos By SeilaaHorse (from cremello and grey server)

Cloud isle
Talk to the Cheshire cat on cloud isle Loccated here under the tree
he wants you to help him find his grin.
He grin is found here

Once you have found it take it back to the cheshire cat.

You Completed Cheshire's Grin. You earned 25 Quest points.


Cheshire's Missing Body (50qp) [Intermediate]

Photo By SeilaaHorse (from cremello and grey server)
Cloud Isles
Start the quest by talking to Cheshire on the cloud isle where Rapunzel lives. I found him in front of the trees to the East of Rapunzel’s tower.

Cheshire will ask you to find his missing body for him. He will send you to the cloud isle where he was last. Note that you do not have to use your tools. If his body is where I found it, just go East and then North and it should be close by. After finding the body you will immediately be back at Cheshire’s head. Talk to Cheshire to finish the quest.
You Completed Cheshire's Missing Body. You earned 50 Quest points

Cinnamon's Letter (25qp) [Novice]

Jungle Isle
Cinnamon wants you to deliver a letter for her. To do that, go to her sister, Cupcake northeast of Cinnamon's house. You have to do this quest in the middle of Cookie's Banana Pudding.
You Completed Cinnamon's letter. You earned $500, a Cake and 50 quest points

Clara's Water Problem (25qp) [Advanced]

Southern Tip of Jungle isle

Clarissa's Mineral Enterprise (75qp) [Intermediate]
Polar Isle
To start, talk to Clarissa in the bottom right cabin in the patch of grass on Polar. She will ask you to get her 24 bottles and labels. You can get the bottles from the guy at the Chillton General Store. He will give you all 24 for 2k. To get the labels, talk to Trayja in Tropicton. Return to Clarissa.
You Completed Clarissa's Mineral Enterprise! You earned $7000 and 75 quest points.

Clay for Mona (25qp) [Novice]

Art Isle
To start the quest, talk to Mona. When you talk to her, she tells you that she is making a sculpture, but that she has run out of clay. Then she asks you to get the clay for her from Genevieve. When you get it from her, take it back to Mona.
You Completed Clay for Mona. You earned $500 and 50 quest points

Cookie's Banana Pudding (300qp) [Advanced]

Jungle Isle
When you talk to Cookie, she tells you that she wants to make banana pudding, but that she is out of bananas. To get the bananas, go to her sister Cupcake all the way at the bottom of Jungle Isle.
When you get to Cupcake and tell her about Cookie, she explains that monkeys came to her house the night before and stole all her bananas. Then she tells you that you might be able to find them if you find the monkeys. To find them, go to a big pile of rocks south of her house.
When your there, stand the farthest east you can go and use your search tool. Then take the bananas back to Cupcake and she will let you keep the bananas and will hand you a letter and $250 to take back to Cookie. Once your at Cookie's house, give the bananas and letter to her. Then she will tell you that she is out of milk and ask you to get from her other sister Cinnamon.
When you get to Cinnamon, get the milk and then take it back to Cookie.
You Completed Cookie's Banana Pudding. You earned $13,000 and 300 quest points

Cookies from Hansel and Gretel (25qp) [Novice]

Cloud Isle
To start, talk to Gretel on the top cloud isle. She will ask you to take a plate of cookies to Mother Goose. She's on the main cloud isle where Winchell's balloon drops you off.
You Completed Cookies from Hansel and Gretel. You earned 3 Silver Linings and 25 quest points.

Crash's Crush (75qp) [Intermediate]

Starfish Isle

To start talk to Crash, he's located on the South-West arm of Starfish Isle.

He ask's you to find his "love" who is on Hoof Isle. Go talk to Isadora on Hoof Isle and after talking to her she will ask you to take a Message to Crash for her. Go back to Crash.

You Completed Crash's Crush! You earned a Topaz Necklace and 75 quest points.

Oh...then he asks you to go ahead of him to Isadora..another quest? Go see the quest Under the Sea Mystery.

Cupid's Valentines (50qp) [Novice]

Igneous Isle
When you talk to Cupid, he will ask you to deliver chocolates to Venus on Magma Isle and Eros on Pumice Isle. To do that, just ask him to send you to them. Then, when you have delivered the chocolates to them, return to Cupid.
You Completed Cupid's Valentines. You earned $5000 and 50 quest points.