Wednesday, 26.June.2019, 9:00 AM
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About Us

This site was made and is run by three users of horseisle; Tara (ClownFish), Trinka (HbrForLife) and Emma (LovingPonies) They all play on Horse Isle, mostly on Chestnut server, but you may see them wondering around on other servers.

They all started playing horse isle at and around the start of 2008 and still play it today. All three of them were born in May and are the day after each other, except they are all a year apart.
Tara and Emma meet in their first year of high school and have beeen best friends since, they met Trinka on Horse Isle and now they all are friends and hope that other people who play meet interesting and fun people who share one thing in common, their love for horses or animals.

To help people in the game and to allow them to have fun and not worry as much with quests they decided to build this site and help people out. They hope you all like the site and be sure to talk to them about anything, don't worry none of them bite :)