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A Dolphin's Purpose (150qp) [Novice]

Dolphin Isle
Talk to the dolphin here on Dolphin isle.

He wants 5 small fish and 5 big fish. if you cant find in the fish shops get lots of earthworms and a fishing line and go fishing in ponds. take them back to the dolphin on Dolphin isle.

You Completed A Dolphin's Purpose. You earned 3 Obsidian Chunks and 150 quest points!


Abigail's Lost Ice Skates (100qp) [Intermediate]

Chillton on Snow Isle
Go to Abigail she will ask you to drop some hot coco off to Heinrich which will complete another quest. The go back and talk to Abigail and she will ask you to find her ice skates.
To find them go right above the big rock north of her house and use your binoculars.

You returned Abigail's ice skates. You earned $3000 and 100 quest points.


Admiral Leonard's Sextant (25qp) [Novice]

Starfish Isle
Admiral Leonard is standing right below a single tree by the boating docks on the west arm of starfish isle. Go to him and when you talk to him he will ask you to find his sextant.

To find it, go west of where he is standing to a big pile of rocks (where the black star is) and use your magnifying glass.

You Completed Admiral Leonard's Sextant. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points.


Adrianna's Quest for WildFire (100qp) [Intermediate]

Appleton, Horse Isle
When you talk to Adrianna, she asks you to find her horse, Wildfire.
Wildfire is in the spot where the red star is down below. When you find Wildfire, he will tell you he doesn't want to go home because he likes it there in the forest. When you find that out, go back and tell Adrianna.
You Completed Adrianna's Quest For WildFire. You earned $5000 and 100 Quest points.

Aladdin's New Lamp (50qp) [Novice]

Cloud Isle
Before starting Aladdin's quest, gather 5 gold ore, 5 silver linings and 5 rubies and a honeycomb. After gathering those, go to Aladdin and start the quest, Next, give him the items.

You Completed Aladdin's New Lamp. You Earned 50 quest Points. 

Alati's Invention (250qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
To start the quest, go and talk to Alati. He will tell you that he wants to make a new invention which is turning sand into gold. He will then ask you to get him some stuff.
The first thing he will need is 2 logs and 8 strong skinny branches.
When you return to him with the supplies, he will ask you to go to Rocco on Rock Isle for medium round stones. When you get to Rocco, he will hand you the stones.
Take them back to Alati and he will ask you to get him one more thing which is three porcelain rings. You can get these rings from Genevieve on Art Isle.
When you talk to Genevieve, she will tell you that in order for her to make the rings, she will need 6 lumps of Jamuti Clay. To get the clay, go and see Kiah, resident of Rainy Meadows on Jungle Isle.
When you talk to Kiah, she will tell you that you can find the clay northwest of her house by the Jungle Temple. To find them, just go and dig everywhere in the little circle that surrounds the Temple.
When you have found them all, travel back to Genevieve to get the rings made. Genevieve will take the clay and also ask for 3k in payment. When you get the rings, travel back to Alati and give them to him.

You Completed Alati's Invention. You earned $10,000, 25 gold ores, and 250 quest points

Albert Junker's Missing List (25qp) [Novice]

General Store, Hoof Isle
After starting the quest, Albert wants you to talk to Diedra and see if she has it.
After talking to her and getting the list from her. Return it,the list to Albert.

You Completed Albert's Missing List Quest! You earned $500 and 25 quest points!

Alexi's Missing Abacus (25qp) [Intermediate]


To start, talk to Alexi in Treeton. Make sure you're in the right side of her cabin, or you wont be able to find her. She will ask you to find her Abacus for her. She will tell you that it is sitting on a large rock on the beach, just east of Galvin's cabin. Go all the way to the east side of Muzzle Forest, and you will see Galvin's cabin. Go to the large rock on the beach to the east of there, and stand just above the rock. Use your rake.
Raking carefully through the sand, you find an old abacus. You carefully brush the sand off of it. Alexi will be excited to see this.
You found an Abacus! Go back and talk to Alexi.
You Completed Alexi's Missing Abacus. You earned $1000 and 25 quest points.

Allaire's Feathers (100qp) [Novice]

Saddle Isle
When you talk to Allaire, she tells you that she is a good friend of Caeralus and his Pegasus, Erebus.
She also tells you that they always used to bring her feathers, but that she is worried cause they haven't been to her house in a while. Then you explain to her that Erebus broke his wings and thats why he hasn't been to her house.
After that Allaire will hand you a note and ask you to give it to Erebus for her. When you finish talking to her, go to Caeralus and tell him that Allaire gave you a note for Erebus and that she is worried.
He will give you a bag of feathers for her and send you to Erebus. When you get to Erebus, hand him the note and tell him that Allaire is worried. Erebus will tell you that he is fine and then send you back to Allaire.

You Completed Allaire's Feathers. You earned $10,000 and 100 quest points

Amariel's Seven Orbs (200qp) [Master]

Lava Isle
When you talk to Amariel, she will tell you that she wants the orbs from the dragons in the maze, so you go in this order.
The red dragon wants 5 magenta crystal shards in return for his orb.
The blue dragon wants 5 red crystal shards for his orb.
The purple dragon requires 5 blue crystal shards for his orb.
The green dragon wants 5 purple crystal shards for his orb.
The cyan dragon would like 5 green crystal shards for the orb.
The yellow dragon will give you the yellow orb in exchange for 5 shards of cyan crystal.
And the magenta dragon wants 5 yellow crystal shards for its orb.
When you have gotten all of the orbs, bring them back to Amariel.
You have completed Amariel's Seven Orbs! You earned $20,000 and 200 quest points!

Anabelle's Nest (100qp) [Novice]

Anabelle is found below on vine isle.

Anabelle need help to rebuild her nest. she needs 10 Feathers and 20 Skinny Branches.

You Completed Anabelle's Nest. You earned a Ruby Necklace and 100 quest points.

Anika's Lost Hat (50qp) [Novice]

Crystalton, Ice isle.
Start by talking to Anika in Crystalton, she needs your help to find her yellow wollen hat.
Anika would like you to dig around the bridge ends for her lost yellow woollen hat.
Dig on the left side of the bridge To Snowball isle
Digging around the pier, you notice a yellow thread. Digging further, you uncover a yellow knitted cap.
Take the hat back to Anika.

You Completed Anika's Lost Hat! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points. 

Apples for Viola (50qp) [Novice]

Berg Isle
When you go to Viola, she asks you to get apples for her.
To get the apples, go to Windy Pick, the store owner in crystalton on Ice Isle. When you have them bring them back to Viola.

You Completed Apples For Viola. You earned $2000 And 50 Quest Points.

Apples' Horseshoes. (25qp) [Novice]

Appleton, Horse Isle
Go to Sabella and she will ask you to pick up horseshoes from Arthur. Go North up the road to the farrier. Pick up the horse shoes and go back to Sabella.

You Completed Apples' Horseshoes Quest! You earned $800 and 25 quest points.

Arbuckle's Cattails (25qp) [Novice]

Cat Isle
Arbuckle asks you to get him 10 cattails. When you have them, bring them back to Arbuckle.
You completed Arbuckles's Cattails. You earned $5000 And 25 Quest points.

Ariela's Lost Necklace (75qp) [Intermediate]

Lava Isle
When you talk to Ariela, she will tell you that she lost the necklace her mum gave her. When you ask her if there is anything you can do to help, she will ask you to go and find it. To find it, go west of the little rock pile right by where she is and use your magnifying glass.
It will say: After carefully examining the sand beneath your feet, you find bird tracks leading off to the West. When you find this, go back to Ariela and tell her. She will ask you to find her necklace by looking up into trees because thats where birds hang out.
When you finish talking to her, go west to a double tree, stand to the right of it, and use your binoculars. When you have found her necklace, bring it back to Ariela.

You Completed Ariela's Lost Necklace. You earned A pearl Necklace and 75 quest points.

Asher's Maze Woes (75qp) [Intermediate]

Lava Isle
To start the quest go to the smaller maze on Lava Isle. Its located toward the south-west of Lava. To the left of the start of the maze you will find Asher.
Asher asks you to find his brother Studly in the maze.
I found it easiest to dismount before entering the maze. Take 2 steps into the maze and use your magnifying glass. Head West 10 steps, use the magnifying glass. Head South and follow the maze 12 steps, use the magnifying glass. Then head East 2 steps, then head North 4 steps, and head East 2 more steps, use the magnifying glass. Head South 12 steps, then East 5 steps, and South 1 step. Found Studly! Talk to Studly and take him back out of the maze to Asher.
You have completed Asher's Maze Woes. You Earned 75 Quest points

Atreyu's Hard Candy (50qp) [Novice]

Turtle Isle
Start the quest by talking to Atreyu. He will ask you to get him 7 soft rocks or hard candy. To get these you go with his dragon, Falcor. Falcor is by his house wandering around. When you talk to him he will go with you to get the soft rocks on The Never-Ending Isles. On each isle there are piles of rocks. Click dig on each pile to get the soft rocks. Then when you have them all, take them back to Atreyu.
You Completed Atreyu's Hard candy. You earned $2500 and 50 quest points

Atreyu's Steed (100qp) [Intermediate]

Turtle Isle
Atreyu will ask you to find his horse, Artax. To find him, travel with Falcor again to the Never-Ending Isles. Go around each isle and look for him. Artax will be on the third isle you go to. When you find him, take him back to Atreyu.
You completed Atreyu's Steed. You Earned $5000 and 100 quest points

Azmaguru's Honor (125qp) [Intermediate]

Azmaguru is found on Jungle Isle, I would suggest mapping him if you are unsure where.
Azmaguru asks you to find him a Jeweler. 
Yyou must find a woman who smells as beautiful as her home. There you will find my necklace maker. He also says,
The woman is as beautiful as her isle and smells just as lovely.
To find her go to flower isle and talk to Floria on the west side of Flower.
To make to necklace floria needs;

three peacock feathers, two leather strappings, some homemade beads, and one dinosaur bone.
For the beads Talk to Genevieve On art Isle. Once you have everthing take it all back to Floria.

Floria gave you the completed Honor Necklace for Azmaguru.
Take the necklace back to Azmaguru and your done.
You Completed Azmaguru's Honor! You earned 5 Rubies, 25 chunks of Gold Ore and 125 quest points.