Wednesday, 26.June.2019, 9:29 AM
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!Mute Global - mutes global chat
!Mute Island - mutes isle chat
!Mute Near - mutes near chat

!Mute Buddy - mutes buddy chat
!Mute Here - mutes here chat
!Mute ADs - mutes the advertisment chat
!Mute ALL - mutes all of the above

!Mute BR - mutes all buddy requests
!Mute Socials - mutes socials, as such bite/trip/yell

!Hear "chat channel here" - rather than mute to hear all the chat channel again
!Dance UDRL - use this to make your character dance (U=up, D=down, R=right,L=left) add as many U,D,R,L commands as you like and your player will dance it

!Autoreply "message here" - without the quations and only the message to leave a message automatically to anyone who pms you