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Galvin's Adventure (50qp) [Intermediate]

Horse Isle
When you talk to Galvin, he will tell you that he has some Island Property and he will send you there for $500. Then when your at his island, find him in his house and talk to him. Tell him that the island is kind of small and it's not what you expected. Then he will offer to send you to Quiet Isle. When you get to Quiet Isle, find Rafiki in the forest on the south part of the isle. Talk to him and he will tell you that there is a buried treasure north on top of the pond. Then go and dig where he told you to go.

You Completed Galvin's adventure. You earned $5000, 2 wishing coins, and 50 quest points.

Galvin's Birthday Present (50qp) [Novice]

Thanks to FeathersOfFury from Bay.

In the forest just south east of Treeton.
You need to complete Candide's Golden Sheep first. Go back to Galvin and talk to him. He will ask you to make a feather necklace for his sister. To make it, you need 15 peacock feathers. Get Deidra on Hoof Isle to make it for you. Go back to Galvin. He will then tell you if the necklace is okay and give you some money for traveling expenses. Go to Nina on Tail and give her the necklace.

You Completed Galvin's Birthday Present. You earned $2,000 and 50 quest points.

Genevieve's New Pottery Wheel (150qp) [Novice]

Art Isle
When you talk to Genevieve, she will tell you that she needs a new pottery wheel because the other one she has is broken. She will tell you to go and see Rebecca in Carrotton to make it. When you get to Rebecca, tell her about Genevieve. She will tell you that for her to make it, she will need 6 logs and metal scraps. To get the metal scraps, go and see Franklin, the blacksmith in Earton. Then, when you have the supplies, bring them back to Rebecca. She will tell you to come back later and bring 3k with you. When you talk to Rebecca again, give her the money and get the Pottery Wheel. Then, take it back to Genevieve.

You Completed Genevieve's New Pottery Wheel. You earned $10,000 and 150 quest points

Gertrude's Broom (25qp) [Novice]

Bird Isle
Start the quest by talking to Gertrude. She will tell you that she let someone borrow her broom and she can't remember who she lent it out to. She will then ask you to go and see if Evelynn has it. When you talk to Evelynn, she will tell you that she doesn't have the broom.
After that, go back and tell Gertrude that, she will tell you to go and see if Iris has it. When you talk to Iris Pettel, she will tell you that she has the broom. When you get it back, give it to Gertrude.

You completed Gertrude's Broom. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points.

Getting Betty Garments Organized (200qp) [Novice]

Betty is found on Bird isle, wington.
She is the owner of wington clothing.
After talking to Betty you have to head over to the blacksmith-Liam Flux, Owner of Wington Blacksmith, to get some nails and she also needs 5 logs. Once you have the items head back to Betty.
You are then asked to got to the general store in Whiskerton, Cat Isle for Betty.
Percy, Owner of the whiskerton general store gave you 3 Storage Bins and 1 Bucket of Brown Paint. Head back to betty.

You Completed Getting Betty Organized! You earned 1 Tan Cowboy Hat, 1 Pair of Black Cowboy Boots and 200 quest points.

Gifts from Larissa (25qp) [Novice]

Treeton, Horse Isle
Larissa will ask you to apologize to Nardine in Earton and Valarie in Chillton. She will also want you take presents to them. When you have taken them the presents, travel back to Larissa.

You Completed Gifts from Larissa. You earned $5000 and 25 quest points

Gina's Scavenger Hunt (200qp) [Advanced]

Desert Isle

Start the quest by talking to Gina, Enzo's Big Sister, who is at the park in Hotton. She will tell you about the scavenger hunt, her annoying little brother, and you will offer to do the scavenger hunt for her.

1st item clue: About this thing, no songs are sung. Just be sure you don't get stung. Go into the desert and find a scorpion, take it back to Gina.

2nd item clue: It's long just like a big, fat wick. Go and get it. Hurry, quick. She wants a long skinny branch, once you have it take it to her.

3rd item clue: You need to rake right by a house. Find something blue that rhymes with Blouse. Go west and rake to the left of Quinn's house. Raking through the leaves, you discover a little toy mouse, made of wood and painted blue. Take it back to Gina.

4th item clue: Just south, a palm tree sways with bliss. Find me something that goes HISS. You'll have it made if you look in the shade. Go south past the wagon and patches of grass, stand under a double palm tree, and dig. Digging under the shade of the tree, you find a beautiful little iridescent Indigo Snake--and a chunk of obsidian. Take the snake back to Gina.

5th item clue: There's a bright yellow thing that hangs from a branch. Underneath that's something lost from my ranch. Go south-east of Santon to the bee's nest and use the binoculars. Looking high up in the tree from which the beehive hangs, you spot a halter. Carefully avoiding the beehive, you can just grab the lead rope and pull the halter gently down. As you gather up the rope, you notice a Giant Coconut on the ground and grab it. Take it back to Gina.

6th and final item clue: A box, with a fox. Something that will rock your socks. Go to Aesop Isle and talk to Renard the fox. He will tell you where to look. Go to the third sand isle and dig 2 steps under the bridge. You found a Fox Box. Better get it back to Gina.
Digging near the base of the bridge, where sand has piled up against the pylons, you find a wooden puzzle box with a picture of a fox painted on the lid. Something rattles inside, but you can't open the box. Take the box back to Gina.

You Completed Gina's Scavenger Hunt! You earned 3 Diamonds and 200 quest points.

Gingerbread Man's Missing Button (25qp) [Intermediate]

Cloud Isle
Go to the ginerbread house and use your search tool. You have found the ginerbread man.
Talk to the ginerbread man he will tell you he is missing his gumdrop button. Use your tools around the candie maze thing on the left of the house its somewhere in there.

Once you have found it take it back to the ginerbread man.

You Completed Ginerbread Man's Missing Button. You earned 25 Quest points.

Goldilocks' Interior Design (300qp) [Advanced]

Cloud Isle
When you talk to Goldilocks, she will tell you that she is redoing the three bears house and that she needs you to get some supplies for her.
The first set of supplies she will need is 20 venetian flowers and 20 rubies.
When you have gathered this stuff, bring it back to Goldilocks.
She will then ask you to grab her 10 red crystal shards and 10 logs of ebony wood.
Again when you have these supplies bring it back to her.
The next thing she will ask you to get is some black fabric.
She will tell you that you can get it from "Royalty".
The person you get it from is King Phil on Hotzeplotz Isle. When you talk to King Phil, he will tell you that he has no business in making black black fabric. He will also tell you that there is a person on Lava Isle that you can go to to get it made. When your done talking to King Phil, travel to Princess Pookie. Princess Pookie will tell you that she had some Jet Black Fabric, but that she gave it away to a guy named Oddly.
Finish talking to Princess Pookie and then travel to Oddly. You can find Oddly by Lornbacall's cave, a dragon on Magma Isle. When you get to Lornbacall, talk to him and he will tell you that Oddly is a strange guy that walks around and around the volcano southwest of where his cave is. When your finished talking to Lornbacall, go and find Oddly.
When you find him, tell him about the fabric and when you tell him, he will not think that you are worthy enough for him to give you the fabric so he will send you to get him some hot cocoa and pudding. You can get these two items from the Appleton food store. When you have returned to Oddly and given him the stuff, he will give you his black cloak. When you have it, bring it back to Goldilocks. She will tell you to get her 1 silver lining and when you have it, bring it back to her.

You Completed Goldilocks' Interior Design. You earned $25,000 and 300 quest points.

Grapeseed Oil for Mandy (50qp) [Novice]

Tail Isle
When you talk to Mandy, she will tell you that she was going to make chicken tenders, but that she ran out of grapessed oil for her frying pan. When you tell her that you can get some for her, she tells you to go and get it from Cara Cook, the food store owner in Wington on Bird Isle. When you get to Cara, she will hand you the oil. Then, bring it back to Mandy.

You Completed Grapeseed Oil for mandy. You earned $2000 and 50 quest points.

Grey Slate's Gaudy Crown (350qp) [Intermediate]

Hare Isle
When you talk to him, he will want a crown made.
For his crown, he will ask you to get him 10 gold ores and 20 silver ores.
Then, when you have them, bring them back to Grey Slate.
The next thing he will want you to get is 5 diamond's and 24 small gems.
Again when you have them, bring them back to him.
Grey Slate will then ask you to bring him 10 peacock feathers.
When you have them and bring them back to him, he will give you $500 and ask for 1 more thing. He will need Royal Blue Cloth from Kilye on Jungle Isle.
When you talk to Kilye, she will need 15 blueberry's, 1 cloth, and $200 in order for her to make it.
Then, get the stuff and get the Royal Blue Cloth from Kilye. Bring it back to Grey Slate and he will send you to King Phil for you to give the crown to him. Return to Grey Slate.

You Completed Grey Slate's Gaudy Crown! You've earned 50,000 and 350 quest points.

Griffin's Niece (100qp) [Intermediate]

To start, talk to Griffin. He's in a cabin on the west side of Earton. He will ask you to find his niece. Stand just north of his cabin, and search. You will find a clue that leads to Eartip forest. She's wandering around in Eartip forest. When you find her, return to Griffin.
You Completed Griffin's Niece. You earned 100 Quest Points.

Gritty's Sand (50qp) [Intermediate]

Art Isle
Start the quest by talking to Gritty. He will ask you to get him 5 grains of sparkly blue sand. He will tell you that you can get them in a beach home. Then, go and get the grains of sand. To find them, go southwest of Treeton to a nice big open beach. When you find the cabin, go in it and use your search tool to get the sand. You will have to press it 5 times to get them all. Then, take the grains back to Gritty.

You Completed Gritty's Sand. You earned $5000 and 50 quest points.

Guru Wiseman's Wisdom Encyclopedia (150qp) [Intermediate]

Haven Isle
Talk to the harbormaster at the Shellton docks and he will send you to Half Haven. Cross the bridge to Haven and Guru Wiseman should be to the west of the dark tree. He will give you a list of people to interview: Miss Mabel, Odysseus, Magenta Dragon, Ilom, and Flavius. Head to Flipperton and talk to Miss Mabel. Then go north of Flipperton and talk to Flavius. Then talk to Odysseus who lives toward the south of the 2nd Sand Isle. Then go to Rainy Meadows on the Jungle Isle that is farthest North-East. You will find him wandering around. Next go to the Magenta Dragon in the maze on Lava. You can find a map to the dragon on our mazes page. After talking to her, return to Guru Wiseman.

You Completed Guru Wiseman's Wisdom Encyclopedia! You earned an Owl, an Amethyst Necklace and 150 quest points.