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Oberon's Midsummer Celebration (150qp) [Intermediate]
Saddle Isle
start by talking to puck he will tell you he needs your help. go to winchell (the guy who sends you to cloud and look around his house were the forest starts to get thick with your maginfine glass you need to find 6 Red Orchids. Next go to cloud isle and talk to Gretel. You have been asked to pick up 6 Sparkling Feathers and 6 Moon Beams for Gretel.
You gave Gretel the Sparkling Feathers and Moon Beams and she gave you 6 Trays of Saffron Cakes and Cookies for the fairies.
Next go to Mystic forest go to the first big clearing where the unicorn is and talk to Oberon. Oberon has taken the cakes and cookies from you and has sent you to Titania.
Talk to Titania and give her the stuff.
You Completed Oberon's Midsummer Celebration. You earned a Ruby Necklace, an Emerald Necklace and 150 quest points.

Octavio's Love Letter (25qp) [Novice]

When you talk to Octavio, he will ask you to take a love letter over to Vianca right there in Treeton because whenever he tries to do it, he chickens out. After you are done talking to him, go to Vianca and give her the note. She will give you a rose to take back to Octavio. Then, go back to him.
You Completed Octavio's Love Letter. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points

Odysseus' Delivery (50qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
Odysseus will ask you to make a delivery for him which is to take a miniature wooden horse over to Mona on Art Isle. When you get to Mona, she will just take the wooden horse and tell you thank you.
You Completed Odysseus' Delivery. You earned $6000 and 50 quest points.

Odysseus' Trojan Miniature Horse (150qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
Start the quest by talking to Odysseus. He will tell you that he needs you to make him a miniature wooden horse. To do this, go to Rebecca on Hare Isle. When you get to her and talk to her, she tells you that to make the wooden horse, she will need 1 skinny branch and 30 logs. When you have this, bring it back to Rebecca and she will make the wooden horse. Then, bring it back to Odysseus.
You Completed Odysseus' Trojan Miniature Horse. You earned $10,000 and 150 quest points

Omand's Horse Isle Quiz (25qp) [Intermediate]

Tropicton, Jungle Isle

First Question: Which of the following is the largest isle?
A: Jungle Isle
Second Question: Which of the following is the smallest isle?
A: Quiet Isle

Third question: Where can Dieter be found?
A: Cantle Meadows

Fourth question: What is the only isle where you can find Llamas?
A: Jungle Isle

Fifth question: Where can you find the Easter Bunny?
A: Hare Isle
Sixth question: Which of the following is not an isle?
A: Dog Isle

Seventh question: How many individual isles does Cloud Isle have?
A: 20
Eighth question: What is the only isle that Camels can be found on?
A: All of these
ninth question: Horses can only be caught on grass.
A: False!

Tenth question: Which of the following is the only isle that Zebras can be caught?
A: Pirate Isle

You Completed Omand's Horse Isle Quiz. You earned 25 Quest points.

Omand's Unidentified Animal (75qp) [Intermediate]

Jungle Isle
when you talk to Omand, he will say there is some animal he has been trying to get a picture of he can't do it. So he asks you to do it by using the decks and ramps etc. To get to his decks/ramps you have to go down along the East coast of Jungle Isle, then once you pass the first Stone Hedge, keep going down till you are next to a piece of driftwood that looks like a fork. From the driftwood, go west, into the jungle. It's a fairly straight path in. When you hit a dead end, just look around until you find the access to my observation decks. Just keep using your binoculars, and you'll easily spot the next platform.
When you get to any place that abuts the jungle floor, you can just hop down the ramp. The last he saw, the creature was in an inaccessible area, just to the south of my larger set of ramps. There are a number of different areas where you can jump down to the jungle floor from his decks, though. Feel free to explore while you're in there!
When you get onto Deck #6, you have to step down, then keep going south until you find a note saying "Jungle Observation Deck Access: Against the trees here are heavily braced ramps and platforms leading up into the jungle canopy." Click SEARCH and you will be back on #7.
You Completed Omand's Unidentified Animal. You earned 75 Quest points.

One Eyed Bill's Doomsday (100qp) [Novice]

Pirate Isle
Tell other pirates the sky is falling. Cate recommends that you talk to the pirates in Patch Forest. Sam tells you that it’s not the sky, it’s a giant coconut. He gives you a note to show Bill, and tells you to take a coconut to show Bill. Bill realizes what’s up when you show him.
You Completed One Eyed Bill's Doomsday. You earned Reward: pearl necklace, 100 Quest Points.

Opal Sandstone's Sapphire: Ms Mabel Investigates (300qp) [Advanced]

Bird Isle
When you talk to Opal, she tells you that someone stole a sapphire out of her glass case and that she doesn't know where it went. She then tells you that she needs you to find out who stole it and to start out by asking Ms. Mabel on Dolphin Isle. When you get to Ms. Mabel and tell her everything you know, she will tell you that you should go back to Bird Isle and start by talking to all the residents there and when you have been given six clues, to go back to her and tell her everything.
Then, when you are finished talking to Mabel, go back to Bird Isle like she said and talk to the barn owner, Aura Hayward. Aura will tell you that there was a night that she heard so many things and there was a guy that came to her with a zebra asking her to put it up for the night. She will then tell you a bunch more information and give you the clue of the mingled sands.
When your done talking to her, go to Cara Cook, the food store owner and talk to her. She will tell you about the same guy and give you another clue called the clue of the dogs in the night-time. For the next clue, go to Betty Garments, the clothes store owner and talk to her about the stuff that has been going on and she will talk to you about it and hand you the clue of the Jacket Pockets. When your done talking to her, go to Patience and get the clue of the Silver Blaze from her.
Then, after you get the information from Patience, travel down to Elaina. She will tell you that she saw some really odd footprints and will hand you the Clue of the Oddly-Made Horseshoes and when your done talking to her, go back to Mabel and hand her all the clues. She will then explain everything with you and tell you to go to the Art Isle inn. When you get there, talk to Remy and he will show you a map that the thief left when she went to the inn. He will then tell you that what the map shows is a little tiny isle south of Bone Isle and to find out the rest of the clue, you will need to go there.
To get there, go to Bone Isle and talk to Sara. She will send you to the tiny island and when you get there, you will find a girl named Barry Solomon Beryl. Talk to her about the sapphire and she will hand it back to you and send you back to Opal who will want you to explain everything. Once your done explaining, go back to Mabel and explain everything to her.
You Completed Opal Sandstone's Sapphire: Ms Mabel Investigates. You earned $10,000 and 300 quest points