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Under The Sea Mystery (200qp) [Intermediate]
Hoof Isle
To start, talk to Isadora and she will explain about her father dissaproving of her falling in love with Crash. She will send you to talk to him, and after talking he will ask you to find out if Crash is royalty. When he sends you back to Hoof Isle there should be a Crustacean named Bastien right there. Talk to him and he will tell you to go see the dolphin who is located to the east of the tanagrama at the north-east of Dolphin Isle. She will trade you the box for 5 normal fish. When you get the fish trade for the box and go back to Bastien, the Crustacean. He opens the box and hands you a scroll to take to The Sea King. After talking to him go back and talk to Isadora.

You Completed the Under the Sea Mystery! You earned $3000 and 200 quest points.