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Eaglets' Dinner (100qp) [Novice]

Vine isle
to start the quest talk to anabelle again she needs 10 worms and 10 grasshoppers for her eaglet's
Once you've found them bring them back to her.

You Completed the Eaglets' Dinner. You earned a Diamond and 100 quest points.

Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt (25qp) [Novice]

Hare Isle
When you talk to the Easter Bunny, she tells you that she has lost 5 eggs around her house and that she cant be the easter bunny anymore if she doesn't find them. Then, she asks you if you can find them for her.
To find them, rake all around the forest by her house and don't do farther than the tree stumps north of the house. Then when you have all 5, bring them back to her.

You Completed Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt. You earned 3000 and 25 quest points.

Easter Bunny's Shopping List (250qp) [Novice]

Hare Isle
Start the quest by talking to the Easter Bunny. She will ask you to pick up chocolate niblets from Ollie, the shellton pet shop owner. When you pick up the stuff from him, bring it back to the Easter Bunny. You will be given 3k. Then the Easter Bunny will ask you to go to Sasha Stocker, the food shop owner in Treeton for some chocolate icing.
When you get it, again bring it back to the Easter Bunny. You will be given 3.5k. The last thing the Easter Bunny will need is some wrapping paper from Mrs.Claus on Christmas Isle. When you have it, bring it back to her.

You Completed the Easter Bunny's shopping list! You earned 8000 and 250 quest points.

Eli Grits' Quest (25qp) [Novice]

Earton, Horse Isle
When you talk to Eli, he will tell you that there is a buried treasure south of Eartons drinking fountain. Then go there and dig.

You Completed Eli Grits' Quest. You earned A Ruby, $5000, and 25 quest points.

Elowyn's Wings (200qp) [Intermediate]

Cloud isle

talk to Aislin, she wants to make her horse happy. to start you will need 20 peacock feathers.
Next she needs 20 sparkling feathers. After you have collected the feathers go back to Aislin. Next she asks you to get her some Pegasus Feathers.
To get the Pegasus Feathers. go to flower isle and talk to carealus in the center of the flower isle maze. he'll send you to the pegasus. then talk to him. Go back to Aislin.

You Completed Elowyn's Wings! You earned $10,000 and 200 quest points.

Elvira's Tea Party (25qp) [Novice]

Desert Isle
When you talk to Elvira, a spider living in a skull, she will ask you to take her other spider friends, Morticia and Carlotta some invitations for her tea party. Then, when you have done this, return to Elvira.

Elvira is here above Santon on Desert Isle:
Morticia is here below Santon on Desert Isle:

Carlotta is here on Dust Isle:

You Completed Elvira's Tea Party. You earned a Dinosaur Bone, a Skein of Spider's Silk and 25 quest points.

Entertain Autumn's Child (25qp) [Novice]

Sunshine Meadows
When you talk to Autumn, she explains that she has to wash dishes and she needs someone to read to her daughter. To read, just keep pressing the read button.

You Completed Entertain Autumn's Child. You Earned A bag of oats, a cookie, and 25 quest points.

Epona's Horse Breed Quiz (50qp) [Intermediate]

Ingeous Isle

Epona: In what US state was the Kiger Mustang discovered?
A: Oregon

Epona: What horse breed was developed in 1981?
A: National Show Horse

Epona: What horse originates from the Iberian Peninsula?
A: Lusitano

Epona: What is the fastest horse over short distances?
A: Quarter Horse

Epona: What is the oldest horse breed in Denmark?
A: Frederiksborg

Epona: What horse breed originated from horses of the French King, Louis XIV?
A: Canadian Horse

Epona: What horse was originaly bred by the Nez Perce Indian tribe?
A: Appalooa

Epona: What horse breed originated in Kentucky?
A: Rocky Mountain Horse

Epona: What breed can be traced back to a single stallion named Figure?
A: Morgan

You Completed Epona's Horse Breed Quiz. You earned $10.000 and 50 Quest points.

Eros' Concern (75qp) [Intermediate]

This Quest Information was Supplied by GypsyDance on Chestnut server
Pumice Isle
When you talk to Eros, he tells you that he is worried about his friend Nerina. Then he asks you if you can go and see whats wrong. Just travel south of his house to get to Nerina. When you get there, Nerina will tell you that she is worried about her animals. Then she will ask you to visit a seal named Shiri. She will say Check the southeastern part of the beach. You may want to look closely for clues near the trees and water's edge.
Look by the palm tree south east of her house.

After closely examining the area, you see a few scattered and empty shells and some small foot prints leading off and into the water.Best to go tell Nerina!
Go back to Nerina and she will say Try looking closely for clues around trees along the west beach on Lava Isle.
Go to lava isle you will find the first clue here and then here.

follow the clues and it should take you to here.
After closely examining the area you see a small otter lying between two rocks. Gently you pick her up.

Take her back to Nerina. Nerina will ask you to get medecine for her go to Audrey the vet in hotton and bring back the meds. Then talk to Nerina she should tell you to go she ero's som see ero talk to him and then your done.

You Completed Eros' Concern. You earned $2000 and 75 quest points.