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Felton's Dino Bone #1 (50qp) [Novice]

Dolphin Isle
When you talk to Felton, he will tell you that there is a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur bone buried at the southern tip of this island. Then he will ask you to find it. To do this, go to the very southern tip of Dolphin Isle and stand in line of the round rock in the water. Move up one space and dig.
Then return the dinosaur bone to Felton.

You Completed Felton's Quest! You earned 4000 and 50 quest points.

Felton's Dino Bone #2 (75qp) [Novice]

The second dinosaur bone is at the northern tip of Turtle Isle. Stand at the center tip of the turtle head. Go down and to the right one space and dig.
Then return the Triceratops Dinosaur Bone back to Felton.

You Completed Felton's Quest 2! You earned 8000 and 75 quest points.

Felton's Dino Bone #3 (50qp) [Novice]

Felton will ask you to find the third dinosaur bone. To find it, go north of Felton's house to Blow Hole Forest. Stand at the center tip of it, move down one space and use your magnifying glass.
Then return to Felton.

You Completed Felton's Quest 3! You earned 5000 and 50 quest points.

Fergus' New Pot (75qp) [Novice]

Flower Isle
To start the quest talk to Fergus on Flower Isle. You will find him above a mushroom on the North-East Pedal. He will tell you about his stolen pot of gold and will ask you to go see Ferrel Ironman on Bird Isle to get him a new pot. You can find Ferrel Ironman at the workshop. He will then ask you to get him 25 chunks of iron ore and 5 pinches of pixie dust. When you get everything you need, go back to Ferrel Ironman and get the pot. Take the pot back to Fergus.
You Completed Fergus' New Pot. You earned 25 Wishing Coins and 75 quest points

Find Pella (100qp) [Intermediate]

Lava Isle
Start by going to Pella's cave next to Princess Pookie on Lava Isle.

Use your magnifying glass located in your tool box. It will say this in the box on your right hand side:Searching carefully, you see many tracks on the ground,most overlapping one another. The freshest tracks are those of a salamander going out, and booted feet both going in and out. Then after you have searched, go and see Princess Pookie and talk to her. She will talk a little about Pella and this guy named Bruce. When your finished talking to her, go and see Bruce's wife, Colina in Ashton. Colina will tell you that Bruce has been out of the house for about 3 days searching for Pella. Then she will tell you to go and find Bruce somewhere along the maze west of her house. Then go and find Bruce. He will be found where the red star is down below. When you talk to him, Bruce will tell you that he has been searching for Pella for a long time and hasn't had any luck. Then tell him that you will find Pella for him and that he can go back to his house. Then after you tell him that, go and find Pella. You can find her located on Lava Isle above the volcano next to Lenny's house. When you find Pella, talk to her and she will tell you to then meet her back at her house. Then Pella will give you a reward.

Bruce is here:

Pella is here:

You Completed Find Pella. You Earned A diamond and 100 quest points

Flavius' Treasure (100qp) [Intermediate]

Dolphin Isle
When you talk to Flavius, he tells you that he knows about a treasure on different isles, but when you ask him to tell you where it is, he doesn't believe that you are truthful so he sends you on a small quest to take a plate back to Sandra. After you give the plate to Sandra, return to him and he will tell you to find his glasses.
He tells you that they are on the beach north of his house. He will also tell you that he fell asleep under a palm tree. To find them, go and find a willow tree northeast of his house. Then travel exactly north of it and you will see a single palm tree. Go to the right side of it and use your search tool. Then when you find them, return them to him.
He still wont think you are loyal enough to get the treasure, so he asks you to do 1 more thing for him and that is to take $500 to the general store in Flipperton. When you take it there, return to Flavius. He will tell you that there was never a buried treasure.

You Completed Flavius' Treasure. You earned $3000, a Pearl Necklace, and 100 quest points.

Floria's Gift (150qp) [Novice]

Flower Isle
Floria tells you that she wants to make a necklace for her friend. She will tell you that she wants a silver, amethyst necklace made from the jewelry shop in whiskerton. Then she will tell you that when you finished making it, to bring it to Sandra in Flipperton. When you have the necklace made and brought to Sandra, bring it back to Floria.
You Completed Floria's Gift. You Earned $5000 and 150 quest points.

Flour for Elaina (25qp) [Novice]

Bird Isle
When you talk to Elaina, she will ask you to pick up some flour for her from the food shop on Wington. When you have the flour, bring it back to her.

You Completed Flour for Elaina. You earned $500 and 25 quest points.

Forgetful Greig (75qp) [Intermediate]

Horse Isle
To start the quest, visit Greig in Tail forest. He will ask you to find his glasses. To find them, go exactly northeast of his house to a cotton patch.
Then stand in the very middle of it and use your search tool. Then, when you have found them, go back to Greig and you will be given 3k. When you talk to him again, he will want you to find his watch. To find them, go directly west until you find a large cotton patch, a pond, and a dead looking tree. Then when your there, stand in the pond on the right side and use your rake. When you have found them, take them back to Greig.

You Completed Forgetful Greig's Quest. You earned $4000 and 75 quest points.

Formula for the Foals (50qp) [Novice]

You start the quest at hotton.
Talk to Phyllis Colt, Owner, Hotton Foal Adoptions.
Phyllis tells you that she is running low on foal formula. She tells you to head over to Oliver Oates' store in Treeton. Oliver Oats gave you the foal formula for $500.
Head back to Phyllis.

You Completed Formula for the Foals! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points.

Fourfingered Frank's Request (300qp) [Intermediate]

Thanks to dollyhorse of Chestnut.
Pirate isle.
Talk to fourfinged frank on pirate isle he will tell you he is looking for a set of books called the own pirates by Charle Elms.
To find theses books go to the Appleton library. Rowena Roget will tell you to go to Trixie Traderton owner of flippeton general store.
Talk to trixie she will tell you she sold them to Blythe Booty of skullton antiques store. Go to bylthe. She will tell you she sold them and will tell you the information in trade for 5 emeralds. Once you give Bylthe the 5 emeralds she will tell you to go to talk to Shimerin Shimm in patch forest next to Fourfingered Frank.
Shimerin shim has the books and will give you them with a note for fourfingered frank. Go to fourfingered frank and he will give you a gift and message for shimerin shim. She gives you an emerald necklace. Return to frank.

You Completed Fourfingered Frank's Request. You earned 3 Ruby Necklaces and 300 quest points.

Francis' Disguise (125qp) [Intermediate]

Jungle Isle
To start this quest you have to start Omand’s quest which is Omand’s Unidentified Animal. To make things easier you can find that quest walkthrough in the M-P quest section. Now, when you find the unidentified animal, Francis, he will ask you to help him with a disguise so he can move out of the jungle. He will ask you to get him a fur coat and a pith helmet. You can get the fur coat from Leroy on Desert Isle. He lives South-West of Santon on a patch of grass in the middle of the desert. You can get the pith helmet from Ben Burlap, the owner of the Tropicton General Store. After you have both things, take them to Francis. The quest is finished, but why not go visit Francis in his new home in Earton to do his next quest? Francis’ New Home quest walkthrough below.

You Completed Francis' Disguise. You earned 125 Quest Points.

Francis' New Home (150qp) [Intermediate]

Earton, Horse Isle

To start the quest, talk to Francis. He’s staying at Ira’s empty cabin in Earton. After talking, Francis will take off to find an empty house on the beach south of Earton. Head South on the beach and follow the beach until you find an empty house. Francis will be there and after talking he will take off once again. Head South down the beach, then once you see a bridge, cross it, and head East until you find another house on the beach. Francis will be there and after talking he will take off again, this time to Desert Isle. Head to Desert Isle, then go South of Santon. You will find a hut, and Francis. After talking he will take off, yet again! Head South and you will find Francis in another hut. This time Francis found his new home and the quest is finished. Talk to him again and help him out of his disguise if you want.

You Completed Francis' New Home. You earned 150 Quest Points.

Freddy's Pumice Stones (25qp) [Novice]

Lava Isle
Freddy will want 30 pumice stones when you talk to him. When you have all of them, bring the pumice stones back to him.

You Completed Freddy's Pumice Stones. You earned $3000 and 25 quest.