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Jack B. Nimble's Candlestick (25qp) [Novice]
Cloud Isle

Jack is found wandering around cloud isle he broke his candle stick and needs help!
Go to Sandy Flint Owner of appleton Rock shop he will make the new candle stick for jack.
Once you have made the new brass candle stick take it back to Jack he will thank you and give you a reward.

You Completed Jack B. Nimble's Candlestick. You earned 25 Quest points.

Jada's Errand (25qp) [Novice]

Frigid Meadows on Polar Isle
Talk to Jada. Jada then asks you to give a bug to Nedrick. Nedrick is found towards the bottom of the meadow, Talk to him.

You Completed Jada's Errand. You earned $500 and 25 quest points.

Jade's Gift (100qp) [Novice]

Cat Isle
When you talk to Jade, she will ask you to make a couple of deliveries. She will want you to make a gold Emerald necklace and a gold Sapphire necklace. She will also tell you that when you finish making them, to take the Emerald necklace to Nadine in Earton on Horse Isle and the Sapphire necklace to Krista right there on Cat Isle.
Then, when you have done this, return to Jade and she will ask you to make a Ruby necklace and to take it to Viola on Berg Isle and a Diamond necklace and to take it to Ethel, the General store owner in Hotton on Desert Isle.
Then, when you have done this, return to Jade.

You Completed Jade's Gifts! You earned $10,000, 4 Silver Chains and 100 quest points.

Jayne's Cunning Hat (100qp) [Intermediate]

Turtle Isle
When you talk to Jayne, he he will tell you that his mom made him a cunning hat, but when he was one day running, it fell off of his head. He will then ask you to go and find it for him. To find it, go southeast of Jayne's house to a tree that is brown and looks dead. When you are there, stand southwest of the tree and you will see a bunny named Fluffy. When you talk to him, tell him that Jayne wants his hat back and the bunny will show you that in order for him to give you the hat, you will have to get him 3 carrots. When you return to Fluffy with the carrots, get the hat back and return it to Jayne.

You Completed Jayne's Cunning Hat! You earned $5000 and 100 quest points.

Jean Stonwasht's Package (200qp) [Intermediate]

Hotton, Desert isle
Talk to Jean the Owner of the hotton clothes shop.
You have agreed to bring a package to Karina. She should be somewhere on Jungle Isle. You were given $1500.
Go to tropican and talk to the Inn owner she will tell you to go see whiterton Jones. Witherton Jones mentioned that he told Karina to head to Rainy Meadows.
Talk to Manco, Chieftain of Rainy Meadows. he tells you to go look around the jungle temple its east of Rainy Meadows.
You will find her here.
You gave Karina her Package and received Karina's Notes.
You Completed Jean Stonwasht's Package. You earned Racing Silks, Racing Breeches and 200 quest points.

Jilly Elf Candy Cane quest (25qp) [Novice]

Christmas Isle
Jilly will ask you to bring him 25 Candy Canes. When you have done that, bring them back to him.

You completed Jilly Elf's Candy Cane Quest! You were given $1000 and 25 quest points!

Joanna's Lost Crop (50qp) [Novice]

are Isle
When you talk
to Joanna, she will explain to you that she was out riding her horse and she somehow dropped her crop. She will then ask you to find it. To do this, go south to the right Hare Isle ear and go to the only cotton patch. When you are there, go to the edge of the middle bit of the cotton patch, use your rake.
Carefully raking the cotton plants apart, you see something.
You found Joanna's Riding Crop!
Take it back to Joanna.

You Completed Joanna's Lost Crop! You earned $3000 and 50 quest points.

Joe Longbeard's Beard (75qp) [Novice]

Thanks to Aindop of Chestnut server
Pirate Isle
Talk to Joe Longbeard. He's in the hut in the little island between the two sides of Pirate. He's tell you to go to Captain Solomon, who's in the Crossbones camp. Captain Solomon will tell you to see his cousin Ricardo in Hotton. Go back to Joe, and he'll give you 6 rubies for the grooming kit, and tell you to go to Ricardo. Ricardo will charge $2000/5 rubies for the kit. Return to Joe.

You Completed Joe Longbeard's Beard. You earned a Pearl Necklace and 75 quest points.

John O'Lantern's First Deliveries (50qp) [Novice]

Dolphin Isle
To start the quest, talk to John. He will tell you that he is really busy and when you ask him if there is anything you can do to help, he will ask you to take two sacks of pumpkin seeds to Nana Knutake in Tropicton and two sacks to Cara Cook in Wington. When you talk to Cara, she will take the seeds and give you flour and eggs to take back to John.
Then, when your done talking to Cara, go to Nana. Give her the seeds as well and in return, she will give you 2 sacks of walnuts also for John. Then, take the supplies back to John.

You Completed John O'Lantern's First Deliveries. You earned 5 Red Pine Cones and 50 quest points.

John O'Lantern's Friend (125qp) [Intermediate]

Dolphin Isle
When you talk to John, he will ask you to help him with his friend, th Sea Hag. He will tell you that his friend wants a pure white kitten, but the thing is, is that it has to be free. He will also tell you that once your finished finding the cat that you can take it strait to the Sea Hag. When your done talking to John, go and find the kitten.
To find it, go to the Treeton vet office and talk to Nora Nurture. She will tell you that she can give you the kitten, but you will have to get her orders from Ollie, the pet shop owner on Shellton on Turtle and Kay in Wington on Bird Isle. When you have gotten Nora's stuff, go back to her and get the kitten. After that, take it to the Sea Hag. You can find the Sea Hag in a cabin on Berg Isle.
You Completed John O'Lantern's Friend! You earned 2 Pearl Necklaces and 125 quest points.

John O'Lantern's Multiple Deliveries (150qp) [Novice]

Dolphin Isle
When you talk to John, he will tell you that he needs more deliveries made. When you offer to deliver the stuff for him, he will tell you that he needs 6 total deliveries, but that you can do two at a time.
The first set of deliveries he will ask you to make is to Windy Pick in Crystalton on Ice Isle and to Zeke Sacker in Witherton on Rider Isle. When you get to Windy, she will take the seeds and hand you a box full of pumpkin carving tools to take back to John. When your done talking to Windy, go and see Zeke. (they are both in the towns general stores)
Hand him the seeds and in return, he will hand you cloth. When you have the supplies, take it back to John and ask him for the next set of deliveries. He will tell you to go to Flo Stemson in Appleton and to Rose Thorne in Hotton on Desert Isle. When you talk with Flo, hand her the seeds, and she will give you dried Indigo. (they both own the little flower stores on the isle)
Then, make your way to Rose Thorne. She will take the seeds and give you Ground Cochineal in return for John's seeds. When you have the supplies and you have taken the seeds to both people, travel back to John. The third set of people he will give you is to Albert Junker on Hoof Isle (owner of general store) and Calla Lilly in Shellton on Turtle Isle (owner of flower shop).
When your done talking with John, make your way to Albert. He will give you two boxes of wax when you give him the seeds. After that, go to Calla Lilly. She will take the seeds and hand you 2 crates of Assorted Flowers and Greens. When your done talking to her, go back to John.

You Completed John O'Lantern's Multiple Deliveries. You earned a Homemade Jumping Shirt and 150 quest points.

Jubal's Healing Liniment (300qp) [Advanced]
Thanks to Seilaa for giving us the quest info!
Third Sand Isle
When you talk to Jubal, go straight to Flipperton on Dolphin isle and talk to Fin. He will tell you to see Eunice. She lives in Art isle, on sandy place. After talking to her, she tells you to talk to Odysseus. He is located at the 2nd sand isle. After that come back to Eunice. She will ask you some supplies, and you simply go meet: 1. Kiah (Rainy meadows, jungle isle) she will tell to see her friend Engolo-mbe (sand area in jungle) bring him 1k 2. Rika on Spice Isle (Talk to Minnie biscuits in Treeton Food Store) she’ll need 50$ 3. Candide (talk to Hudson and then to Sara in Bone) Bring everything back to Eunice Then go to Jubal and finish the quest

You completed Jubal's Healing Liniment. You earned 300 Quest points.

Jubal's Puzzle of the Scraps (350qp) [Advanced]

Third Sand Isle,
NOTE: you will need 15 Topazes and 15 Amethysts for this quest.
Start by talking to Jubal on the Third Sand Isle. He will tell you to talk to Palila, who lives just to the north. She will tell you about the strange circus performer and Calico Jack. Go back and talk to Jubal, he will tell you to talk to the crossbones pirates. He also gives you 2 scraps of paper, one saying MAKE-2 and the other saying ROPE-15. These are pieces of a note, you have to find all 16 scraps. Talk to Captain Solomon on the crossbones side of Pirate Isle, he will send you to Silver Mary. She asks for 5 Amethyst and in return gives you 2 scraps, UBAL-4 and UREA-13. Go to Squalid Nethaniel. He asks for 5 Topazes and gives you 2 scraps, ONSH-5 and REAS-12. Go see the bridge guard, he also wants 5 Topazes and gives you 2 scraps, OREN-6 and THET-11. See Black Bart, then see Silvertooth Sam, he wants 5 Amethysts and gives you 2 scraps, OTIN-7 and AYTO-10. See the Crossbones Pirate Rowboat Guard, the rowboat on Bird Isle. He wants 5 Topazes and gives you 2 scraps, THEW-9 and BOAT8. See Rhianna in Cantle Meadows, she will give you 2 scraps, EPSJ-3 and GUMD-14. Now talk to Trigger, who's wandering near the Pony Express. He sends you to Reuben the clown in Appleton, who then sends you to Gritty in Sandy Palms on Art Isle. He gives you the last 2 scraps, STIG-1 and VOKES-16. Go see Dieter in Cantle Meadows. You can either have him read the clues, or he can tell you the answer for a diamond. Don't waste the diamond. If you put all the scraps together you will find that they say STIGMA KEEPS JUBAL ON SHORE NOT IN BOATS THE WAY TO THE TREASURE A GUMDROP EVOKES. Get a gumdrop and take it to Jubal. He then tells you to dig, give Jubal the treasure chest.
You Completed Jubal's Puzzle of the Scraps. You earned 15 Topazes, 10 Amethysts, $30,000 and 350 quest points.

Just Gus Wants Pie (50qp) [Novice]

Pirate Isle
When you talk to Just Gus, he will tell you that he wants some pie like his mom used to make him. To get the pie, go to Sara on Bone Isle. When you talk to her, she tells you that she can make the pie, but that she will need 25 strawberry's and 7 small sugar chunks. When you have them, bring them back to Sara for the pie, and then take the pie back to Just Gus.

You Completed Just Gus wants pie. You earned 50 Quest points.