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Zamora's Family Stone (50qp) [Novice]
Bird Isle
When you talk to Zamora, she will tell you that she lost her family stone in a flower patch to the west of her house. Then, when you are finished talking to her, go and find it. You can find it by going directly west of her house to a patch of flowers that look like little stars. Rake around this patch until you find the stone and when you have it, bring it back to Zamora.
You Completed Zamora's Family Stone. You earned $1000, a Wishing Coin, and 50 quest points.

Zik and Zak's Broken Ship (125qp) [Intermediate]

Lava Isle
eastern most palm and two squares north of the next palm up. Zak is on the next isle west, on the beach directly south of the only palm with one trunk. He wants 15 pumice stones and 10 iron ore. When you bring him these, he wants 5 blue and 5 green crystal shards. Return to him with these.

You Zik and Zak's Broken Ship. You earned 1 diamond, 3 dinosaur bones and 125 Quest points.