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Laurence's Turban (100qp) [Novice]

Torrid Isle
Laurence is having trouble tying his turban he wants it to look like his idols. he tells you to vist the lady in the shelton libaray for help. Beatrice gives you an Instruction Sheet and a Biography for Laurence. go to albert the general store owner of Hoof. He will sell you 3 Yards of Linen for the turban for $200. take this all back to Laurence.

You Completed Laurence's Turban. You earned $5000 and 100 quest points.

Leasa's Quilt (250qp) [Novice]

Turtle Isle
Talk to Leasa she wants 25 pieces of cotton
Next take the cotton back to Leasa, she will take the cotton off you and give you 50 pieces of cotton. she will then ask you to take in to Barb, in shelton, to make some cloth.
Barb gives you a bolt of Quiting Fabric.
You gave Leasa the Bolt of Quilting Fabric. You were given a piece of Pie a la Mode.
Next Leasa needs 20 Dandelions, Blackberries, Strawberries and 4 Leaf Clovers.
Next she asks you to go see her grandson Hudson for some thread. Hudson lives on the head of turtle. Once got that take it back to Leasa.

You Completed Leasa's Quilt. You earned $10,000 and 250 quest points.

Leasa's Quilt Delivery (25qp) [Novice]

You cant start this quest until you have done the Above quest.

Turtle Isle
Leasa has finished the quilt and wants you to take it to her granddaughter Baby Katrina in turtle isle. once you have given it to her go back to Leasa.

You Completed Leasa's Quilt Delivery. You earned $1500, a Loaf of Bread and 25 quest points.

Lelu's Crunchy Quest (300qp) [Advanced]

Puuhonua Isle
When you talk to Lelu, she will ask you to get her some chocolate covered grasshoppers for her husband Mino. To do this, go to King Phil on Hotzeplotz Isle who will send you to Emma, the chocolatier royal who can make the chocolate covered grasshoppers, but before you can use her services, you will need to get King Phil some Straffoli and fresh milk. To do this, go to Cinnamon, a girl on the bottom of Jungle Isle. When you talk to her, she will give you the milk and then, when you have it, travel back to the top of Jungle Isle and talk to her sister Cookie for the Struffoli.
She will give it to you, but you will need to get her 5 honeycombs so that she can make it. Then, go and get the honeycombs, and when you have them, bring them back to Cookie and she will hand you the struffoli. Once you have it, go back to King Phil who will send you to Emma. Then, start the quest and talk to Emma about the grasshoppers.
She will tell you that she can make the grasshoppers, she will need 25 small sugar chunks and 25 grasshoppers.
Then, when you are done talking to her, go and get them. Once, you have them, bring them to Emma and she will make them. Then, when you have them, bring them back to Lelu.

You Completed Lelu's Crunchy Quest. You earned $30,000 and 300 quest points

Lenny's Brass Valve (50qp) [Intermediate]

Thanks to MrsHorsey of Chestnut.
Lenny is located on the North-east blob on lava isle near a volcano.
Talk to Lenny and he will start you on the quest.
After you have talking to lenny head to Appleton. Talk to the shop owner in Appleton. He then wants 20 copper ore. Once you have the Ore go back to the shop owner.
Then head back to Lenny.

You completed Lenny's Brass Valve. You earned 50 Quest points.

Lenny's Rock-Glass Goblets (25qp) [Novice]

Lenny on the north east blob on lava
Talk to him he will talk about some rocks when you have finished talking to him go to Mona on art isle (Lenny will 1k for travelling expenses)
Give Mona the goblets she will give you $10,000 for Lenny

You Completed Lenny's Rock-Glass Goblets! You earned $3000 and 25 quest points.

Leuko's Hatchlings (50qp) [Novice]

Tail Isle
Start the quest by talking to Leuko, an Eagle in a small forest on Tail Isle.

She will ask you to get her some food for her babies because her wing is bothering her. To get this food, go to Nina also on Tail Isle. When you get to her and talk to her, she will hand you the food and when you have it, bring it back to Lueko.

You Completed Leuko's Hatchlings. You earned A Sapphire Necklace and 50 quest points

Leuko's Missing Egg (75qp) [Advanced]

Tail Isle
When you talk to Lueko, she will tell you that one of her eggs is missing and she doesn't know where it went. Ask her what you can do to help her and she will ask you to look for clues as to where it went. To do this, go north to the edge of the forest and use you search tool. It will say: Looking closely you see some small imprints in the forest floor. The little rodent prints seem to be heading west towards the road. When you see this, go back and tell Leuko and she will tell you to keep looking. Then, go west of the forest to where the two roads meet and search.
It will say: You found small rodent tracks! They appear to be heading towards the leafy trees up ahead.
After you find this, go to the trees northwest of where your standing and stand south of one of the trees and you will be right next to a ranch. When you stand here, you will see Scooter, A Rascally Squirrel.
Talk to Scooter, he will hand you the egg and when you have it, take it back to Leuko.
You Completed Leuko's Missing Egg. You earned A Silver Chain, a Diamond and 75 quest points.

Leuko's Stolen Egg (200qp) [Advanced]

Tail Isle
Leuko will tell you that she has another one of her eggs missing and that this time someone took it. When you tell her that you will find this person, Leuko will explain to you that it was someone who lives near the acorn trees at Tail Isle end. To find this person, go to Tail Isle end, stand in front of the biggest acorn tree there and dig. You will be in the tree and when you get there, talk to Gidget, A Small Wood Elf.
Tell her about Lueko and her missing egg and she will tell you that in order for her to give the egg back, she will need one decorated egg from the Easter Bunny on Hare Isle. When your done talking to her, travel to the Easter Bunny, get the egg, and take it back to Gidget. She will hand you Lueko's egg and when you have it, take it back to Leuko.

You Completed Leuko's Stolen Egg. You earned A diamond necklace and 200 quest points.

Lief's Allergy Medicine Delivery (25qp) [Novice]

Horse Isle
When you talk to Lief, he will tell you that he has really bad allergies. He will then ask you to go and to see Ben Burlap at the Tropicton General Store on Jungle Isle. When you get to Ben, he will hand you the medicine. After that, take it back to Lief.

You Completed Lief's Allergy Medicine Delivery! You earned $2500 and 25 quest points.

Lilac's Tea Time (50qp) [Intermediate]

Flower Isle
When you talk to Lilac, she will ask you to do her a big favor which is to tell her Husband Gandolf that the tea she made is ready. To find Gandolf, go southeast of her house to a little forest. He will be wondering around in it. When you talk to Gandolf, tell him about the tea and he will ask you to go and tell his horse, Shadowfax. To find the horse, go to the northwest petal on Flower Isle. Shadowfax will be on the beach on the northern part of the petal. When you find Shadowfax, talk to him and tell him about the tea.
He will say okay and when your done talking to him, return to Gandolf.

You have Completed Lilac's Tea Time Quest! You earned $3000 and 50 quest points.

Linnea's Cloth (50qp) [Novice]

Ice Isle
Start the quest by talking
to Linnea. She will tell you that she is making a rug, but hasn't had the time to get the cloth needed for it. Then, when you ask her if you can make the trip for her, she will tell you that she needs 5 pieces of cloth.
To make the cloth, pick up cotton then bring it to the workshop in Shellton on Turtle Isle. For every piece of cloth, you will need 10 pieces of cotton. When you get 5 cloths, bring them back to Linnea.

You Completed Linnea's Cloth! You earned $5000 and 50 quest points.

Linnea's Dye (75qp) [Novice]

Ice Isle
When you talk to Linnea, she will ask you to get her 20 raspberry's and 20 blackberry's for her to make dye. When you have this stuff, bring it back to her.

You Completed Linnea's Dye! You earned $7500 and 75 quest points.

Linnea's Donations (200qp) [Intermediate]

Thanks to FeathersOfFury from Bay

Crystalton, Ice Isle.
Go to Iona of Flipperton, Dolphin. She will tell you to give a rug to Flavious. He is in the forest, north of the town. Go back to Iona and she will tell you to talk to the mayor of Treeton, Temperance. She in turn will ask you to give a rug to Dalton, south of the town. He lives in one of the cabins with the brown roof. Go back to Temperance and she will tell you to go to Sara, the mayor of Shellton. Go to Shellton and talk to Hudson. He is where the head of the turtle is. He will send you to Sara. She in turn will tell you to give the rug to Ormand in Desert. Go back to Linnea and claim your reward.

You Completed Linnea's Donations, You earned $7500, 2 Gold Chains and 200 quest points.

Livia's Frogs (25qp) [Advanced]

Southern tip of Jungle isle

You Completed Livia's Frogs. You earned 5000 and 25 quest points.

Liza's Leaky Bucket (250qp) [Advanced]

Liza is a resident of Molten Meadows on Lava Isle.
You are ask to fix Liza's bucket.
Head Henry, Liza's husband in Appleton. He tells you to find someone who works with wood to fix the bucket.
I think you might want to try someone who does more fine woodwork. A cooper might be the best choice, if you could find one. Some other options might be finding a wood carver or a basket maker. Those types of craftsmen might have the skill to repair this correctly.
Krista on cat isle can fix the bucket. Krista Then asks you to get her so Lac.
She tells that anyone with a knowledge of bugs will know where to or get you some Lac. This person is located on Jungle Isle. Flicka - Located on the small conected part of jungle on the fare right.
Once you have got the Lac from Flicka go Back to Krista.
Krista then tells you to find someone good with an axe to hew the wood.
Go and talk to Cedric in Chilton, Snow Isle. Cedric has given you Ol' Betsy and suggested finding someone with a Whetstone to sharpen her.
Head to Treeton and Talk to Ryland as he knows how to use a Whetstone. But first Ryland asks you to get him a pail of water from the feed store. After Ryland has sharpened the axe go back to Cedric.
You were given a Rough-Hewn Cedar Plug.
Now head back to Krista.
You paid $1000 and received Liza's beautiful Primitive Bucket.
Now head back to Liza on lava to return her now fixed bucket.

You Completed Liza's Leaky Bucket! You earned $13,000 and 250 quest points.

Lucy's Mouse Problem (100qp) [Intermediate]

le Isle
To start the quest, talk to Lucy. She will tell you that she is having a mouse problem. Lucy will then ask you to find her a good cat that will chase the mice away. To get this cat, travel to the Treeton pet shop owner who will give you some treats. Then, when you have these treats, go to Cat Isle and talk to Daria Pale.
She will tell you to go to the leader of the Cat Isle pack and to talk to him. To find the leader, just wonder around the forest on Cat Isle and look for him. When you find him and talk to him about Lucy, he will send a cat from his pack and when he does this, take it back to Lucy.

You Completed Lucy's Mouse Problem. You earned $10,000, a Mouse and 100 quest points.

Lucy, the Dancing Snake (75qp) [Intermediate]

rt Isle
Start the quest by
talking to Sando. He will ask you to find his snake, Lucy. He will tell you that she escaped when the basket she was in turned over. To find her, go and speak to Loyada southeast of Sando's house. She will tell you that Lucy was hiding underneath a rock by her door. Loyada will then tell you that she told Lucy to go to another rock. When you finish talking to her, go back to Sando and tell him the news. Sando will tell you to go and to find Lucy.
She will be directly east of Sando's house by the biggest rock in the village. Stand west of this rock and use your magnifying glass. When you have found Lucy, bring her back to Sando.
You Completed Lucy, The Dancing Snake. You Earned $2000 and 75 quest points