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Venus' Potion (200qp) [Intermediate]

Thankyou to DiamondQueen for the Quest information
Magma Isle
First you get 3 red roses, 2 yellow roses.
Then go to Venus on magma give her the roses
Then she needs 10 strawberries and a bunch of bananas but they have to come from Cupcake on jungle.
Then go back to Venus she tells u to get cinnamon from Bena in Santon and chocolate from Nana in Tropicton go back and your done

You completed Venus’ Potion. You earned $10,000 and 200 Quest Points.

Veronica's Balloon Animals (100qp) [Novice]

Turtle Isle
When you talk to Veronica, she will ask you to get her 3 balloon animals. To do this, travel to Reuben, the clown in Appleton on Horse Isle. Tell him what Veronica said and he will hand you the balloons. Then, when you have them, bring them back to Veronica.
P.S. When you finish the quest and are still talking to Veronica, ask her to give to more money and she will give you $50 more.

You Completed Veronica's Balloon Animals. You earned $2000 and 100 quest points.

Venda's Errand (50qp) [Novice]

Quite Isle
Talk to Venda on Quite isle she wants you to run over some palm fronds to Anani on Palm Isle. (if you dont know how to get to palm look it up on your isle directions page).
When your on Palm isle Anani is standing on the right side of the only palm tree. You gave Anani the Palm Fronds. Anani asks that you pay Venda $2000 for the fronds.
Go back to quite isle and talk to Venda.

You Completed Venda's Errand! You earned a Crafted Western Bridle and 50 quest points.

Vesuvia's Samples (150qp) [Intermediate]

Lava isle
After talking to Vesuvia, she will ask you to get 8 volcano smaples from the big volcanoes around the Lava Islands. First volcano is located right below her house. Stand on the northest part of the volcano and dig. You would be placed inside the volcano. Then use your rake to rake up a sample. Move up and you should be out of the volcano.
Do the same for the other 7 big volcanoes you find. The locations are, below Pookie's palace (smallest connected isle), below Lenny's house (biggest connected isle), below Eros's house (Pumice), below Cupid's house (Igneous), above Venus's house (Magma), the volcano in the red dragon's path and the yellow dragon's path. Go back to Vesuvia with the samples.

You Completed Versuvia's Samples. You earned $10,000 and 150 quest points.

Vianca's Game Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate]


First Question: What Color is the Ads Chat?
A: Purple

Second Question: Who are the two creators of Horse Isle?
A: Joe and Miranda

Third Question: Where do you go to groom your horses?

Fourth Question: What stats is Racing based on?
A: Speed and Endurance

Fifth Question: What are Moderators for?
A: Making sure everyone plays nicely by the rules.

Sixth Question: Where can you find Non-Player Characters?
A: Library

Seventh Question: Where can you catch a horse?
A: Anywhere but in towns and on Cloud Isle

Eighth Question: How can you get around in the game?
A: All of the above

Ninth Question: Which of these isles is the farthest North?
A: Pirate

Tenth Question: Which of these can you NOT train a horse in?
A: Intelligence

You Completed Vianca's Game Challenge. You earned 50 quest points.

Vicky's Package (50qp) [Novice]

Talk to Vicky owner of treeton gear shop she has a package to deliver.
You have agreed to deliver a package to Colina on Lava Isle. You were given Colina's Package.
Colina lives in Ashton.
You gave Colina the Package.

You Completed Vicky's Package. You earned $2500 and 50 quest points.

Viola's Recipe (50qp) [Novice]

When you talk to Viola, she will tell you that she wants to make her grandma's recipe. Then, ask her if there is anything you could do to help, she will ask you to go down to the lower islands to get her 50 Thimbleberry's. When you have the Thimbleberry's, return back to Viola

You Completed Viola's Recipe. You earned $2000 and 50 quest points

Violet's Binoculars Quest (25qp) [Intermediate]

Earton, Horse Isle
Start the quest by talking to Viola. She will tell you that some birds stole her binoculars while she was bird watching. Then, ask her if there is anything yo can do to help her and she will ask you yo find her binoculars and get them back. To find her binoculars, go directly northeast to a single tree on the beach. Stand right in front of it and use your binoculars.
then, when you have found it, bring it back to Violet.
You Completed Violet's Binoculars Quest. You earned $3000 and 25 quest points.

Vivian's Inspiration (25qp) [Novice]

Torrid Isle
All you have to do is walk around on the yellow desert sand until you find an item. The first item you find, bring it back to her and perhaps she'll be inspired by it.
when you find an item takeit back to her.

You Completed Vivian's Inspiration. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points

Vixen's Lost Calf (25qp) [Intermediate]

Speacial Thanks to HalflingerGirl of the Chestnut server for supplying us with the infomation!
Christmas Isle
Talk to Frilly Lilly the elf. He will be right on the other side of the bridge between some trees on Christmas Isle. When you talk to him, he will tell you that Vixen, one of the reindeers lost one of her calfs. To find the calf, go a little east of Chillton on Snow Isle and find two trees that are diagonal to each other. There will be a small pile of rocks between the two trees and when youv are here, dig on the pile of rocks and you will find Vixen's lost calf. Then, go return it to Frilly Lilly.

You Completed Vixen's Lost Calf. You earned 25 Quest points.