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Xamba's Wooden Instrument (75qp) [Novice]
Jungle Isle
Start the quest by talking to Xamba. He will ask you to get him 15 logs of ebony wood. When you have done this, take the wood back to him and he will give you 4k. Then, talk to him again and he will ask you to take the instrument that he made to Anika in Crystalton on Ice Isle. Then, when you have done this, return back to Xamba.
You Completed Xamba's Wooden Instrument. You earned $3000 and 75 quest points.

Xiang and the Volcanoes (200qp) [Intermediate]

lava Isle
Talk to Xiang on lava. She wants you to find lost dragon teeth that are found around the volcanoes in the maze.
To find the teeth dig around the Volcanoes.
You dig carefully and see something!
You found a Dragon's Tooth!
There are 7 teeth once you've found them all take them but to Xiang.
You Completed Xiang and the Volcanoes. You earned $10,000 and 200 quest points.

Xyzzy's Adventure (75qp) [Advanced]

Nonesuch Isle
When you talk to Xyzzy, a little alien that is walking around the little isle, he will ask you to get him 10 moons beams, 2 silver linings and 1 box of popcorn.
you can buy the popcorn for this quest from the Wington food store
Then, when you have this stuff, bring it back to him.
You Completed Xyzzy's Adventure. You earned A ruby, an amethyst necklace and 75 quest points.